Monday, 17 November 2014


Here's the footage of my public talk at the Glastonbury Symposium, England, in July 2014. It's a condensed version of my presentation titled The Mind Control Manipulations of the Illuminati Music Industry, but with some extended sections on The Beatles/ Paul McCartney, the artists of Laurel Canyon, and the harmonic frequency of 432hz, and its part in a cosmic number sequence encoded into the fabric of the universe!

Saturday, 9 February 2013


Directed by
Simon Klose
Edited by
Per K Kirkegaard
Sound design
Morten Groth Brandt
Ola Fløttum
Graphics by
Produced by
Martin Persson
Simon Klose
Signe Byrge Sørenssen
Anne Köhncke
Co-produced by
Torstein Grude
82 min
Country of origin
Release date
2013 TBA
Financed by
SVT, NRK, DR, BBC, VPRO, ARTE/ZDF, Film i Skåne,  NFTF, The Swedish Film Institute, The Danish Film Institute, the Norwegian Film Institute, Fritt Ord and a swarm of crowdfunding backers.
TPB AFK logo bat cave
It’s the day before the trial starts. Fredrik packs a computer into a rusty old Volvo. Along with his Pirate Bay co-founders, he faces $13 million in damage claims to Hollywood in a copyright infringement case. Fredrik is on his way to install a new computer in the secret server hall. This is where the world’s largest file sharing site is hidden.
When the hacker prodigy Gottfrid, the internet activist Peter and the network nerd Fredrik are found guilty, they are confronted with the reality of life offline – away from keyboard. But deep down in dark data centres, clandestine computers quietly continue to duplicate files.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

A hard-hitting emotionally charged 60 min documentary by Bill Maloney (Award winning independent film director) who's family were all brought up in the UK care system.

It covers Maloney's visit and interpretation of Jersey, Channel Islands, following the ongoing child abuse investigations of the children's care home 'Haut de la Garenne'. It highlights connections with the Sea Cadets and children being brought from London care homes for 'sailing holidays' on the Island. The documentary contains strong language and strong opinions.

Due to his and his family's experiences of Establishment care homes Maloney felt compelled to see first hand the response of Islanders to the alleged abuse claims and their general feeling for the Governing States. A mixed response of silence, anger and insensitivity is catalogued from this island of geographical beauty with an ugly underbelly. The film includes mainstream news reports with Jeremy Paxman, Stuart Syvret, Lenny Harper, Esther Rantzen and Frank Walker.

It is the opinion of Bill Maloney that if a child was required - Haut de la Garenne was the venue; if an adult was required - St Saviours Mental Hospital was the venue.


DONATIONS - In order to remain independent Pie and Mash Films rely on donations from generous individuals to carry out investigations into all forms of abuse and the erosion of our civil liberties.

With your help we can raise the awareness of the consequences of abuse by individuals, corporates, and the 'Establishment' and confront those in power who deny justice.

Monday, 8 October 2012

David Icke Debunked (Full Movie)

For footnotes and free downloads go to
This is 2.5 hour film from Chris White takes a very close look at
David Icke's history and beliefs. It reveals the true sources of David
Icke's theories which are often shocking , and should be very
concerning for a genuine seeker of truth. This is a well rounded
expose which is done respectfully, while still attempting to get the
average truther to reevaluate what they really know about the
"endgame" of the Illuminati.

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Friday, 5 October 2012

We Are Legion - The Story of the Hacktivists (2012)

We Are Legion - The Story of the Hacktivists (2012)

We Are Legion is a documentary about Anonymous and Hacktivism. The film explores the historical roots of early hacktivist groups like Cult of the Dead Cow and Electronic Disturbance Theater and then follows Anonymous from the early days of 4chan to a full-blown movement with a global reach.
We Are Legion - The Story of the Hacktivists (2012) will be appearing in theaters in New York and Los Angeles on October 19th. and then online October 30th. FREEDOM. Expect us. We Are Legion - The Story of the Hacktivists (2012) We Are Legion - The Story of the Hacktivists (2012) ANONYMOUS VIETNAM. FB: TWITTER:

Saturday, 29 September 2012

The Most Shocking Climate Change Video of 2012: Skywatcher

This documentary should make you think twice before dismissing persistent tracks in the sky from condensation trails, or "chemtrails."

Skywatcher is a 25-minute science presentation discussing weather modification and the REAL cause of climate change, which is anthropogenic CLOUD cover-- much more than greenhouse gases like CO2-- and the spraying of "cloud seeding" chemicals (especially silver iodide) for precipitation enhancement.

This video shows exactly HOW we make clouds with aircraft, why the jet contrails persist now (when they used to disappear much more quickly), and why we're finding high levels of metals in our water and soil, including aluminum and strontium. sure you want the truth?

Be amazed. Pass it on.



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Monday, 24 September 2012

Operation CAULDRON 1952

This declassified film, Operation CAULDRON 1952, contains footage which some viewers may find upsetting.

In 2008, the Ministry of Defence made it clear that the events portrayed in this 60 year old film [including the use of live animals] in no way represents current practice. This is a historical record of experimental UK Biological Warfare research procedures which were in use over 60 years ago, and should be viewed as such.

Operation CAULDRON
In 1951, proposals were made by the Microbiological Research Department, Porton Down (the UK Government's Chemical and Biological Warfare research facility) to conduct a large series of Biological Warfare (BW) experiments in the open air.

This series of BW experiments, known to Porton Down scientists as field trials, involved the release into the open air of two types of 'hot' BW agents: Brucella suis (Brucellosis) and Yersinia pestis (Plague). The entire series of BW field trials was given the codename -- Operation CAULDRON.

The site chosen for the conduct of Operation CAULDRON was located half a mile off-shore near Tulsta Head and Cellar Head on the north-east tip of the Isle of Lewis. The site seemed ideal because it appeared that in an average year there would be 28 suitable days in the months of June -- September in which field trials could take place. Permission to use this site was cleared by the Secretary of State for Scotland.

The central idea of CAULDRON was the use of a floating "island", moored in place. A "Spud Pontoon" (pier-head from "Mulberry", suitably modified) was used: essentially, this was a rectangular box, 200 ft by 60 ft, with 24 watertight compartments. Some of the compartments were flooded, so that the pontoon lay low in the water and was listed until the upwind edge was level with the water: it then presented to the wind an inclined plane, sloping gently up at not more than 1 in 10, up which the air travelled without disturbance.

An arc of test animals (guinea pigs and monkeys) and sampling points, of 25 yd radius, was established on the deck: the centre of this arc was 25 ft beyond the low edge and the source was supported here on a light floating boom. The source was either a bomb or a spray device.

Compartments, not required for flooding, were modified to hold "clean" and "dirty" animals and sampling equipment; other compartments were required for machinery used for flooding, etc.

The proposed procedure was to bring alongside, in a small boat, enough equipment and animals for 2 or 3 trials, set up for the first trial and put the rest in the "clean" room, retire to a short distance leaving men in the gas-tight compartments, and function the apparatus by radio remote control: the men on the pontoon would then rapidly change the layout and be ready for a further trial.

Laboratories, housing for "clean" and "dirty" animals, and accommodation for all CAULDRON staff were required: all these were provided by relatively simple modification of the Control ship, HMS Ben Lomond, which lay moored within a short but safe distance of the pontoon.

Before any decision could be made to undertake modification of the pontoon, the method had to be thoroughly tested. A site located at Shanklin Bay, IOW, was selected, since it was similar to the proposed site but rather more exposed to swell and therefore provided a severe test.

Flooding and listing (using improvised pumping arrangements) were found to be most satisfactorily simple and quick. Swinging the pontoon to the necessary crosswind position, also with improvised arrangements, was also easy and rapid. The behaviour of the pontoon in sea conditions as severe as would be practicable for small boat work was 'very gratifying'.

A small trial was attempted in Shanklin Bay on 23rd August, attended by Admiralty representatives. The trial was very satisfactory. It was evident that this was a 'simple and reliable technique for the conduct of trials, which could be carried out accurately and expeditiously with a remarkably small number of men'.

The first CAULDRON field trial was conducted on 26 May 1952 -- the last at the end of September 1952. Clear range duties were performed by a Royal Navy tug - HMS HENGIST. 158 civilian and service personnel were involved in Operation CAULDRON. Some 45 short-term visitors attended for 2-5 nights during the trial.

As the film shows, on at least one occasion, local dignitaries from the Isle of Lewis visited the Control ship (HMS BEN LOMOND) during the trials.

In 1953, scientists returned to The Isle of Lewis to conduct a new series of Biological Warfare field trials. These field trials, codename Operation HESPERUS, involved the open air dissemination of two types of BW agents: Brucella suis, and Francisella tularense.